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Donations are an integral part of this ministry. Without your
much-needed support, we would not be able to continue helping those in need. Your pledge of any amount will help us help those in need. We do not charge for most of our services, and some of our products. All financial support we receive goes directly to meeting the needs of others. Below, you may specify the amount you would like to donate and tell us the manner in which you choose to give. Any amount will be a great help to us and the people we serve.
Here is one of the following ways you can contribute to the lives of people who need God:
1)    Make a one-time financial gift
2)    Make a monthly gift
3)    Make an annual donation
4)    Make a donation to any area of our ministries
5)    Pledge any amount and specify the location
6)    Purchase our products and services for events, etc
 Make your pledge, contribution, or gift of any amount by:
1) Pay Pal (Click button below)
2) Schedule a payment with your financial institution
3) Credit card (coming soon)
4) Bank Account deductionl
5) Send donation by direct mail to: SBM,  P. O. Box 6104, Goodyear, AZ 85338
6) Become a Ministry Partner (Go to Partners page)
7) Ask others to donate
 Before Sending
Please remember to make your selections below and hit the Donation button. Thank you for your cooperation
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1) Love Offering
2) WCM
3) SBM
4) Bible Studies
5) Women's Ministry
6) Children's Ministry
7) General Fund
8) Building Fund
9) Men of Valor
10) Promotions/Adv
11) Prayer Center
12) Radio
13) TV
14) Publications
15) Live Concert and Thanksgiving Celebration
16) Anywhere; I trust the ministry's descretion
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We thank you  for your continued support in helping us to spread the gospel.
                               May God to continue to bless you
                                         SBM/WCM Staff