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       Communion with God Part III
            Copyright © 2009 Wendy Campbell, D.Min.
       By Wendy Campbell
There are many ways to commune with God. In Part I of this Communion with God series, we discussed partaking of the bread and of the cup and its importance. In Part II of this series, we established that corporate and private communion were instituted in the beginning with God, and we were given a glimpse of this God-ordained tradition used sacredly in the church today. Now, in Part III of  Communion with God we address the issue of people being sick and how communing with God creates an atmosphere of  wellness and wholeness when we come into the presence of God. We discover that communing with God can break the back of sickness and disease.
As we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we should remember the cross and all that Jesus died for. And because "He is risen" (Mat. 28:6) we know that He is alive, well, and sits at the right hand of God on the throne. As we commune with God we ought to remember that Jesus made us well, alive, and gave us a seat with Him on the throne at the right hand of God. This is why communion with God is so important and we must come to God knowing that the resurrection of Jesus Christ has given us life eternally and life on earth abundantly.  "How do we commune with God"? 
Before we go into the discussion of, why people are sick we will look at some of the ways we commune with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.
               Outer Court Prayer
When we pray we are actually communing with God, which ushers us into different levels of our spiritual communion. For instance, the Bible teaches us about the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies. Each of  these realms of  prayer will take us to a higher level in God. Upon entering a petition prayer, the level where we enter in to thank and praise God, make specific requests, and ask for forgiveness as well as confess our sins, we commune on a level that is outside of the presence of God. It is the stage of preparation before we can truly enter in and meet with God one on one.
This level is necessary for several reasons: 1) To admit that we are at fault and not without sin; 2) To repent of all wrongdoing and create a change of heart and a renewed spirit unto righteousness; 3) To ask God for what we need and want according to His will and; 4) To come into the realization that we can do nothing without God. Once we reach this outer court level of prayer, we are ready to go to the next prayer level.
                Inner Court Prayer
The next level of  prayer takes us into the inner court. This is the place where we are humbled before God and the Holy Spirit, the One who ushers us into the presence of God. This is the level where we can hear what the Holy Spirit is relaying to us from God in the throne room. If we stay long enough, this level will bring a refreshing, revival to our spirits. Here, in the inner court, just like the outer court, we are preparing to come into the presence of God. In the previous level, our sins have been forgiven, and here, we wait on the presence of God. This is where our hearts are bent toward God and where we have a desire only for God.
             Holy of Holies Prayer
The Holy of  Holies is where we are now ready to enter into God’s presence, a place called the Holy of  Holies, where God sits and waits for our arrival. The Holy of  Holies is where God dwells. When scripture tells us that God inhabits the praises of  His people, it is because once we reach this pinnacle stage, God is already here waiting for us to commune with Him. With healing in His wings and everything we need, God delivers the most spectacular presence of  Himself  that only a Believer who waits upon Him in prayer, will experience. His glory is manifested and no matter what is going on in the life of the Believer, the presence can break the back of everything that exalts itself above the name of Jesus Christ. This is where we worship God in spirit and in truth John 4:23-24 This is holy ground territory. It's the most sacred place to worship God.
While basking in the presence of God, communion with God is exalted to a level that causes the Believer to want more of  Him, “like a deer that pants after water”. This is where we seek after God with all our heart. We are captured and engulfed by a presence of His love, nurturing spirit, safety, and peace – the kind of peace that no man can give nor take away- and the kind that passes our understanding.
Like a love that lasts forever, no one wants to leave the spiritual presence of God. The thought of  leaving this God-given experience does not come to mind.
God has the same thoughts about us. He never wants the Believer to leave His presence. But when it’s time to leave, the Holy Spirit releases us with permission. With tears streaming down, and a physical weakness making it difficult to stand, the power of  God’s overwhelming love is here. This is where healing begins – in the Holy of Holies- the very presence of  God.
So why then do we pray for more than ten minutes and nothing seems to happen?
No Limits on God
No one can put a time limit on how long it takes to be ushered into the presence of God. When we pray and ask for what we need, God hears us. But when we come, and we are cleansed, we wait to be ushered in by the Holy Spirit, we have permission to come into God’s presence to stay awhile. God knows when we are ready to meet with Him. Our flesh does not dictate our readiness or preparedness to meet with God in prayer. Experiencing the different ways to commune with God provides the patience we need to stay awhile in prayer.
            Ways to Commune with God
As we stated previously, there are several ways to commune with God and prayer is one of the ways. Here are numerous other ways we commune with God:
1) Praise
2) Worship
3) Studying the Word
4) Corporate and private communion (taking of the bread and the cup)
5) Walking in your destiny
6) Spiritual meditation
7) Giving to others
8) Serving God
9) Fellowshipping
10) Giving God His tithes and offerings and giving alms (to support the poor and needy) according to Malachi 3:10
11) Obeying God’s commands
12) Living a sinless life
13) Giving all one's heart, mind, body and strength to God
14) Walking in the spirit
15) Confessing the Word of God daily
These are just some of the many ways we can commune with God. In communing with God, we are simply lining up our life with God’s will and working alongside Him as a team to accomplish His will in the earth realm. Communing with God is a lifestyle. Hanging out with God, helps us to take on the personality of God, and therefore, we become God-like. In our participation with Him, we are actually in covenant with God. We are in relationship with God, and spending time with God, when we walk in the spiritual disciplines, like obeying God, serving God, and loving God as Jesus loves us; this places us in right standing. This is not something that we put time limits on.
Why are many weak and sick among us?
Sickness can become a choice sometimes. Other times, it can be unbelief, and probably more times than not, it can be the lack of communion with God.
As we stated before, praying offers us an opportunity to ask for what we need and want. It provides an opportunity for confession, cleansing, and preparation for the next level in God.
When we commune with God we are to come with an attitude of wanting more of  God and becoming less of who we are.  Many times when we come expecting to receive healing, our heart may not necessarily be convinced with a love for God that will often cause us to seek Him enough to come back. Many times we do not want Him because of  who He is, but for what we want. Sure, God always wants us to ask for what we need and want. In fact, He requires us to ask continuously. This is what prayer is; asking for needs and wants. As we do this, our needs and wants become God's desires, which He gives to us. The inner court provides that opportunity. The outer court allows us to ask. But, until we can get into the deep things of  God on a level where we come into His presence continuously, we will miss so much of  what He has already ordained for His people. Healing is one of  the blessings God has ordained for us to have. It  must become a lifestyle, not an occasion.
But healing exists in God’s divine presence. To get there is a process. The process may take longer than the human mind or body is willing to wait. Ten minutes of prayer just won’t do it. Too often we go into prayer and leave before God can do what He needs to do in our life, and therefore, we miss Him, and ultimately miss our intended blessings. Prayer is not just getting what we want, it is becoming less fleshly and more Godly. Many times when we are sick and haven't prayed in awhile, it takes using the Word of God to pray through for healing. When the Word of God is absent inside us, we may not have time during our sickness to research scripture to pray through for breakthrough. So, it is always wise to stay prayed up and to consistently give God back His Word, so that when sickness comes, we do not have to run to the Bible to find scriptures to bring about  healing. Otherwise we may find ourselves needing a miracle for healing. Miracles were established for unbelievers. Therefore, Believers should be always praying and giving God back His Word to return what we pray for and not a void or empty prayer Isaiah 55:11.
Will we ever be healed?
We are already healed. “By His stripes, we are healed” Isaiah 53:5. But when we admit that we need God, believe that we need Him in everything we do, and depend upon Him totally; we can receive the manifestation of our healing. We must wait on God in prayer. We should never leave before we receive what we came into prayer for. But traditionally, this is what we do. Whether in corporate, private or intercessory prayer, we leave before the Holy Spirit releases us. Because of our leaving too soon, it is difficult to surmise the difference between when we want to leave and when the Holy Spirit gives us permission to leave.
Upon permission to leave prayer, this is when you know God has done a great work inside. This is when healing has taken place. This is when we receive the revelation of  our healing. If one does not know through revelation from God that they are actually healed, they will continue to act sick, be sick, and confess that they are sick, and the gift of healing can be aborted. Healing is still available until we come to receive it.  Confession, just like prayer, changes everything in the natural.
Confession brings about belief  in God’s power. Often we forget to consider the awesome power of God. Communing with God as often as we can brings the revelation of  God’s power to mind. When we sin against God, it is because we do not consider the power of God. When demons come against the people of God, they actually come against God. Likewise, they come against us because they do not consider the power of God 2 Timothy 3:5.
Demons and witchcraft cannot hurt Believers. They may have an affect, but not hurt you, because when those spirits fail to consider the power of God, they do not realize the harm and destruction they cause to themselves. “No man shall take you out of my hand”. God says in His word in 1 Chronicles  20 “Go out against them…” When our enemies, like sickness, disease, witchcraft, or demons come against us, we can come out against them. Sickness is a spirit. All spirits are subject to the Spirit of God. When we speak or confess the Word of God, we come out against sickness, and it has to come out of our body – the Holy temple of God. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (New King James Version)
"Do you know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are" 1Corinthians 3:16-17 nkjv.
Sickness has to flee in the presence of God. Nothing outside the will of God can stand in the presence of  God. So when we come and stay in God’s presence we enter into the Holy of Holies, and sickness is not invited, just the Believer, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Just like the work on the cross, the work on our body is manifested into healing.
Receive your healing now! “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”Psalm 107:20 nkjv.
Get into the presence of  God and stay awhile. Come expecting to receive. Stay until your healing manifests.
“By His stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53:5.
It’s a done deal!
See you next time
Wendy Campbell, D.Min.
Christian Clinical Counselor and
Spiritual Life Coach
Copyright ©2011 SBM Publishing All rights reserved.
Communion with God Part III
Copyright © 2010 Wendy Campbell
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