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Ministry Partners
Hello Partners:
You have embarked upon a great opportunity to team up with me and my other Ministry Partners to do great things in the lives of others. You will go with me all over the world to serve, support, and help God's people increase in their daily lives. As a result, your life will be blessed!
God is a Giver! He is a Lover! He is a Helper!
We are made in His image, which is why when we lend to others, God will lend to us. When we draw nigh to God by helping His people, He will draw nigh to us and draw others into our lives. The principle of giving which God established truly does work. You will undoubtedly reap what you sow. If  you sow friendship, you will reap friendship; If you sow love, you will reap love; if you sow support, you will reap support; and if you sow finances, you will definitely reap finances. So what are you waiting for?
This is your opportunity to step up and become all that God has ordained for you to become -a giver! This is who God is.
Also, when you partner with me, you will be helping me on a mission to STOP child abuse. I have been commissioned by God to secure a safe haven for children and a place where they can receive God's love. The vision is to build a Prayer Center. I will bring you more information about the vision of  building the Prayer Center and the mandate to abolish child abuse in the near future.
For more information about our Prayer Center and helping children worldwide, visit our Online Prayer Center this Site.
For more information and the latest updates on our progress, you may request to receive our free online weekly Newsletter "Bringing You the Word". You may also send an email to info@spiritualbeginningsministries.org or call me toll free at 1-888-231-6674.
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Email form to info@spiritualbeginningsministries.org. You may also cut and paste this form in the body of your email or in a Word document as an attachment. Someone will call you to arrange the receipt of your donation. Thank you in advance.
I want to join you as your Ministry Partner!
I would like to give in the following way:
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