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Referral Program
The Referral Program is a program devised to help grow your business, ministry, or project. It is also devised to assist you in your personal life. Much of the time, in order to move to the next level and expand your vision, one has to be willing to reach out to those who are experts in their field of expertise.
This is why we have created the Referral Program. We allow the experts to do what they do best to help you get to the next level and to get what you need. There are numerous products and services offered by many merchants. We always look for the best in the business. The best, in our opinion, qualifies to be the best when four benefits are in place:
1) Superior customer service
2) Quality products and services
3) Cost efficiency
4) Reliability
It helps to know that the vendors or merchants we choose are dependable, knowledgable, cost effective, and care about what we care about. This is why we have chosen to list the business of the following vendors, and we are recommending them to you. Here is a partial list:
Quality Vendors
1) EventBrite.com - a reputable Event Planning organizing for any business -small or large. Their website address is https://www.eventbrite.com/r/sbm.
2) Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) - works with lenders to reduce homeowner's mortgage as much as 50%.  For a partial list of workshops in your area Click here. For more workshop listings, visit the website at https://www.NACA.com.
 "NACA’s historic Save the Dream Tour has been an incredible success with over 350,000 participants in eleven cities and many thousands of homeowners receiving same day solutions. Most people have had their mortgage payments permanently reduced by over $500 and many by over $1,000 a month often with interest rates reduced to 3% or 2% and sometimes a principal reduction. NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major lenders / servicers to achieve this. All of NACA’s services are FREE. America's Best Mortgage!
One Mortgage Product - $10 Billion Committed 4.625% Fixed 30 Year
No Down Payment, No Closing Costs." 
*Source: Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ( NACA)
Spiritual Beginnings Ministries, Wendy Campbell Ministries, and The Facebook Church herein referred to as SBM, WCM, and TFBC, its affiliates, agents, or the like, only endorse the vendor's (herein referred to as vendors, parties or merchants) and not its claims, and do not currently participate in or have any agreements with, nor receive any benefit -financial or otherwise- for listing or promoting its products or services.  We are a Christian organization which respects the rights and beliefs of others.

SBM/WCM have not entered into any agreement to advertise, barter, or sell products or services on any party's behalf, and are not responsible for any contracts entered into between vendor's and potential consumers; nor do SBM/WCM assume any responsibility for any loss, damage, missed opportunities, injury, misuse, or misrepresentation by or of any consumer or vendor, as a result of doing business together and due to listing such within this site and/or referral program. Any agreements or contracts entered into are by the sole discretion of each consumer, and therefore, all consumers assume all risks involved. Further, SBM/WCM do not retain any information about vendors other than what is posted this site, and cannot, or will not answer any relevant questions about said vendors or merchants or its products or services. It is to be understood that all risks are assumed by all parties, and any business agreements, contracts, or dealings with any of the above-mentioned parties or merchants is without force or coercion and without the involvement of SBM/WCM.