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Guidelines to Submit An Article
We welcome and encourage all submissions, especially those which are Biblically based and scripturally sound, and which aim to share, instruct, encourage and enrich the soul. We hope you enjoy submitting your article as much as we will enjoy reading it. We have just a few guidelines and rules we would like for you to consider. Have fun with your article and we look forward to receiving it.
1) Provide a title or subject matter with your article. If there is no title, the article's first paragraph must clearly state the premise of the article.
2) Submit text in Times New Romans, Arial, Courier, Verdana, Lucida Console, or Tahoma font. (Other fonts may not be compatible during the submission or transmission of the article and could create formatting issues)
3) Articles should not be any longer than 400 words. We have the right to edit and delete any part and all inappropriate material for any reason without notice to the author. You may submit work in a series or parts. There may not be more than three parts for each series or parts.
4) When using material from other sources, -whether paraphrasing, using the exact content, or part of an author's work- please attribute the information to the source or author of the work.
5) Articles should be helpful, encouraging, uplifting, and worded in a way that does not offend anyone regardless of their spiritual beliefs, religion, relationship, race, creed, origin, or other preferences.
6) Articles which are submitted and which are scripturally based or that use scripture from various versions, should contain correctly documented scriptures and versions within the article, and should be used with permission from the publisher and/or copyright owner.
7) When submitting an article, the Contact Box below must be fully completed with all correct information, along with the submission of the article, which may be an attachment or link.
Rules and Regulations
1) All work submitted will be considered strictly voluntary and no fees or remuneration shall be granted at any time unless explicitly stated in writing by SBM/WCM or its group or affiliates.
2) All work submitted shall become the property of Wendy Campbell Ministries, Spiritual Beginnings Ministries and all such enterprises owned, operated, or managed by  SBM, its affiliates, volunteers, staff, etc., herein, referred to as "the aforementioned above".
3) Errors, omissions, or misunderstandings before, during, or after submission of the article shall not be deemed the fault of the aforementioned above, for any reason, and no remuneration shall be granted as a result.
4) It is understood that all articles submitted will be for the purpose of publishing, whether online, offline, or otherwise published or printed, and available to the public without further notice or request by the author, writer or respondent to the offer to "Submit An Article".
5) It is understood that any article submitted may or may not be published or used for any purpose, by the aforementioned above, without prior notice, permission, or request for any reason and without explanation. 
6) There is no publishing or printing deadline or order of submission considered when publishing, printing, or accepting an article for this site. It is the responsibility of the person submitting or writing the article to check with this site periodically for the actual publishing of the article in question. 
For further information, questions, or concerns, you may send an email to publishingatsbm@msn.com or call 1-888-231-6674.
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