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The Women's Legislative Group 
New Legislation Doubles College Grants For You and Your College Student! 
Recently President Barack Obama signed into law an educational reform bill
which allows qualified individuals to get up to $12,000 or more in grants (which you do not pay back) for college tuition and expenses. For more details, you may log onto www.my.barackobama.com/StudentLoanReform.
The Women's Legislative Group 
Stands in Support of Health Care Reform
You Made The Call!
Thank You!
We Would Like to Thank You For Your Due Diligence and Support for the Comprehensive Health Insurance Bill
We Are So Proud of You For Your Commitment
to Stand With Us on the Issue of Health Care Reform
Your Voice Made The Difference
Now, We Are All Winners!
See What is Happening Now...
The Women's Legislative Group
Our Platform
Health, Education, Housing, Civil Rights, and Torts
(crimes against women and children)
What We Do
We participate in the legislative process to bring about change.
Our participation in the legislative process involves several duties:
-We draft legislation that we support
-We introduce legislation that support women and children
-We research issues and information to stay connected to issues which affect women and children
-We work together with legislators and others to support and push causes we choose to take on
-We hold events such as summit meetings, campaigns, voter registration, educational forums and workshops
-We support The Women's Conference Center and participate in all conferences held by SBM and WCM.
-We support relevant causes at the discretion of both Ministries -SBM and WCM.
The Women's Legislative Group
Who We Are
We are a newly formed women’s legislative team which exists to promote and advocate for and on behalf of individuals or groups that believe the same as we do. Our first priority is to the Ministries of SBM and WCM. We support all projects taken on by us.
What We Believe
We believe that all men and women are created equal and that every man, woman, and child have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
We believe that no human being should have to stand alone in his or her fight to have their basic needs met.
We believe that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.
We believe that every person has a right to his or her beliefs without condemnation.
We believe in supporting, protecting, and ensuring the civil, religious, and philosophical rights of women and children to have their basic needs met regardless of why the need exists.
We believe in a living God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, eternally existent as one, which holds the best and loving kindness for all humanity, and who has the final authority in the earth, in heaven, and over all mankind.
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Be informed on the issues!
You Made The Call!
Again, Thank You
Our Latest Project:
Project ended on March 22, 2010
The Women's Legislative Group 
Stands in Support of Health Care Reform
Where Do You Stand?
We urge you to contact your Congressman/woman now to encourage their vote in favor of President Obama's Comprehensive Health Insurance Reform Bill
As an active constituent, your voice has particular weight with your representative -- so all those who share our commitment to reform are depending on you to speak up.
Voice your support by logging onto one of  the following:
 (click on Representative)
call the Congressional switchboard number at 
 (202) 224-3121
"Folks across the country will be calling, so if you get a busy signal, please try again."