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What is Soul Care?
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Soul Care is spiritually connecting to God.
What is the soul?
Unlike your spirit, your soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions.
What is the spirit?
The spirit is the part of a person where God dwells. Much will be discussed on this later.
When the soul part of your life is in turmoil, nothing better than Jesus for your soul can help. It is through, what we believe, is a much-needed approach, that we provide Soul Care as a way for you to get your soul intact, so that you can move on to the things of God, which He has ordained for your life.
Many times, we get caught up in the affairs of life that often cripple
us from forging ahead, and overshadow the good things in life. Often times, there is no one there to help, and often times, we want to be alone. All too often, many lose hope and just want to give up.
Once a person loses hope and gives up, the enemy wins and destruction is eminent. This is why taking care of the soul is so important. What we feel at the time, will cease to exist. But unless, we can decipher what is really happening in the way we feel when we are going through something, we may not be able to get through it.
Jesus Ministered to the Soul
When Jesus ministered to others, He first and foremost, provided healing to the soul. This healing was manifested after Jesus spoke to the problem, which was found in many cases to be a mental issue. When spoken to, the issue obeyed the words of God and went away. Jesus, when binding something, rarely spoke to the person, He spoke to the problem or the issue - the real culprit. The issue has a name and that is the name that Jesus uses when speaking. We see this in the Bible when Jesus says: “Take up your bed and walk”; “Be ye healed”; “Get thee behind thee Satan”. The mind needs to get in line with what God has said and has already done for us.
The world got it right when it says, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. This is the same belief God has about the mind. We waste it, when we fail to speak to it; when we just sit there and accept defeat; when we don’t keep our minds on Christ, who is our Healer; or when we are slothful or fail to study the Word of God.
Wasting the mind, failing to speak the Word of God to it, and accepting defeat, are all culprits to the emotional breakdown one can experience.
What Do You Allow to Leak into Your Mind?
It is a waste of the mind, because when we do not study, or just accept defeat or get entangled in the things of the world, we waste the value of what the mind is supposed to be used for.
God created our minds to use the wisdom and understanding He gives to succeed in all things. When other things are allowed to leak into our minds, we accept it, and sooner or later it destroys us and separates us from the things, the thoughts, and the love of God.
God is so serious about taking care of the mind, that He says 
“I will send a Shepherd after my own heart to watch out for your souls”. He also commands us to guard our soul, mind, and heart so that when the issues of life come, we won’t be destroyed or distracted.
Destruction and distraction are of the enemy. John 10:10 says, “the thief does not come but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”. We already know that distractions come to get us off the things of God. God brings healing, happiness, joy and perfect peace to “those whose mind stays on Him”.
We teach the value of what God has said about the mind, and we are here to “watch out for your souls”.
Our Multi-faceted Approach:
1) Counsel and teach you with the Word of God how to overcome
2) Coach you through your pain to victory
3) Care for you through fellowship, love and patience
Caring For Your Soul
Through teaching, coaching, counseling, and service, we provide all the necessary elements required in the caring for one's soul. In teaching, we instruct you how to implement the Word of God spiritually and naturally, and encourage you to implement the teaching in your daily life for a life-changing experience. Through coaching, we provide the necessary steps one must take to begin the journey of change by introducing what we call, "The Process". The Process is simply being obedient to God. In counseling, we give you an opportunity to tell your story after which we carefully outline a plan to follow "The Process" which leads you to your God-given destiny. Through service, we do our best to meet the immediate needs of individuals who find themselves in a crisis. It is because of the service we provide that we are given the unique opportunity to speak volumes in the lives of the broken-hearted, the lonely, the down-trodden and others who just need someone to show that God truly cares.
We Want to Meet and Greet You
Come to our "Gatherings" and Conferences, and you will notice a change in the way you feel once you experience the fellowship we bring. We take care of your soul through the Word, through prayer, and a close connection we all share with the Lord, who has saved us all from a reprobate mind. Won’t you come experience the Glory of the Lord? We wait to Meet and Greet you.
Be Blessed
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